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In an increasingly transparent online world you need to realise that your business decisions and actions have greater exposure and are easily circulated through social media. Therefore the decisions you make need to be well informed to ensure that your business will expand and benefit from them.


Whilst the media is hugely productive, is is also very intrusive and you must have your wits about you in order to protect your brand and your business. In 2010 Greenpeace found an opportunity to act upon their ardent concern for the environment. They coordinated a social media campaign that attacked Nestle at brand level in order to engage with a greater audience. The kit Kat logo was altered to Killer along with heavily branded material and soon YouTube, Twitter and Facebook was inundated with content. High, negative social media traffic continued for 9 weeks and Nestle were unable to control the alteration of their brand. This example reiterates the quick pace of social exposure and demonstrates the importance of protecting the image of your online business.

虽然媒体是非常多产的,也是非常侵扰性的,为了保护你的品牌和你的生意,你必须保持你的智慧。2010年,绿色和平组织找到了一个机会,利用他们对环境的热切关注采取行动。他们协调了一场社交媒体运动,在品牌层面攻击雀巢,以吸引更多的受众。奇巧(kit Kat)的商标被改成了Killer(杀手),还有大量的品牌材料。很快,YouTube、Twitter和Facebook上就充斥着奇巧的内容。社交媒体的高负面流量持续了9周,雀巢无法控制其品牌的变化。这个例子重申了快速的社交曝光速度,并展示了保护你的在线企业形象的重要性。

Take everything into consideration…


An example of a widespread business decision is to agree to a partnership, where two or more companies decide to join, based on a common ground that is shared between them. Companies become interdependent on each other and have a broader management base with a view to grow their business. However interdependency and shared responsibility can also be dangerous. You are essentially allowing your brand to be managed by someone else. How can you be sure that your business isn’t treated as a means to an end? You need to set out the terms of your agreement clearly and consider the effect it will have on your business in the overhaul. This will help prevent your business from being misused and exploited. Misunderstandings can easily transcend into disagreements that can cause partnerships to turn sour. Internal friction will be readily exposed by social media and this is bad for your business’s image, so you need to be careful.


With your online business your brand is an indication of professionalism, but good branding comes with knowing your company values, direction and ability to deliver on promises. Don’t let bad branding destroy your integrity - know your business and allow yourself to build lucrative customer relationships that will in turn boost your bottom line.


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