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A compelling call to action can be the difference between a missed opportunity and securing a sale. If you have a great website that’s not resulting in as many conversions as you hoped, it could be because you haven’t included enough calls to action that help ensure your visitors know what to do. Make sure the required action is visibly clear and obvious to visitors in the form of clickable links and buttons, both in the text and on the page.


Here are three key reasons why calls to action can help capture and convert customers and bolster your bottom line.



Reducing shopping cart abandonment


According to industry blog Get Elastic, shopping cart abandonment rates range between 50 and 70 per cent, suggesting that when it comes to conversions, businesses are failing to get it right. However, including a strong call to action on each page will make it simple for customers to click and commit to a sale – this builds powerful customer intimacy during the transaction lifecycle while reversing the likelihood of high abandonment rates.

行业博客Get Elastic的数据显示,购物车废弃率在50%至70%之间,这表明,在转换方面,企业做得不好。然而,在每个页面上加上强烈的行动呼吁,将使客户更容易点击并承诺销售——这将在交易生命周期中建立强大的客户亲密关系,同时扭转高放弃率的可能性。


Customer responsiveness


Customers are less interested in your products and services than they are in the benefits they can bring to their lives. That’s why your prospects are more likely to respond to clear calls to action that appeal to their personal goals and emotions rather than tired marketing jargon designed to land you a sale.


Customers might not be ready to commit to a product and make a purchase when they first land on your website, so offer them clear alternatives, like ‘request a quote’ or an email signup.



Closing the deal


Whether it’s highlighting the contents of a shopping cart or asking customers to enter their credit card details, a well-placed call to action is a strong catalyst for converting leads into sales. It’s worth remembering that online customers are time-poor, highly connected and interested in making purchases with minimum fuss – if you make the buying process as seamless as possible, you will be rewarded with repeat business down the track.


Calls to action might seem like a minor element of running an online business, but they can have a major impact on profitability, revenue and sales. Are strong calls to action used throughout your website? How has this impacted your conversions?